Equilibrium | Cassis

Equilibrium | Cassis


Reclaim your EQUILIBRIUM.

Meet the world head-on. Steady as she goes.

The deep, dark scents of wild blackberries will engage your senses like a brisk walk in the woods. Hints of bitter-sweet notes and earthy undertones can boost your mood while simultaneously calming your nerves. Spiked with geranium, an ancient essential oil known to reduce fatigue and promote wellness.

  • Top notes: cassis berries

  • Middle notes: geranium

  • Base notes: woody twigs

Each candle is hand poured in in the United Kingdom with fragrances sourced from Grasse, France. Made from a blend of natural wax and topped with cotton wick, each candle is 7.7 ounces and has an approximate burn time of 40 hours.

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