AM Rituals

Incorporating a ritual into your morning can be a game changer.

Morning rituals can help define our intent, attitude, and goals for the day. Taking time out for ourselves is something we need daily.  A morning ritual helps us connect to ourselves, its our DOSE of self-care and indulgence in the morning.   Mornings are particularly important because that is when willpower is at its strongest.

DOSE is all about self-care and rituals, doing good things that feed our soul. Lighting a candle every morning is the ultimate DOSE of luxury, and helps set set the mood for the day. Our AM collection was designed with scents that inspire, motivate and uplift our souls.  DOSE AM candles help relieve stress, anxiety and harness focus, while relaxing our minds. Our founder Lisa Merkatz, starts her morning with lighting her Superpower | Wild Fig Candles. The candle sets the tone for the morning, as she gets her kids off to school. “It makes the house a little more calm during the morning rush.”

Many successful people begin their day with a morning ritual.

  •   Martha Stewart wakes up and makes her bed, then lets the dogs, cats and birds out.

  • Oprah makes her favorite espresso, and as she waits for the brew to froth, she pulls out a 5 card from her 365 Gathered Truths box, and reads them slowly.

  • Sheryl Sandberg, CEO of Facebook, creates her to-do list in a spiral notebook every morning.

  • J Lo makes her kids breakfast and then makes herself a shake.

  • Michelle Obama wakes at 430 and heads to the gym.

While many of these rituals are personal, the intent behind each is the same.  It’s about taking time out for ourselves and giving ourselves permission to leave everything else behind, even if just for a moment.  It’s these little rituals that can ground us and bring us strength throughout the day.

We encourage you to try a DOSE AM Candle in the morning. Incorporate it into your morning prep, either in the bathroom while getting ready, or in the kitchen during your morning breakfast regime. We guarantee that our scents with enhance the moment and be quite impactful in starting off your day.

Give it a try. Light up your morning with DOSE AM!



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