Dose of Self-Care

DOSE CANDLES bring fragrance and beauty to the everyday rituals of life.

With “self-care” dominating the luxury market, industry brands such Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop and Jessica Alba’s Honest, have lead the way to an increased awareness of what it means to self-care, and “self-preserve.”

Here at DOSE we believe self-care is supporting our emotional well being and preserving one’s inner peace.  We believe one of the most important components of self-care and wellness is ritual. What will you do daily to support, and enhance, your mornings and evenings? What is your daily-ritual?

While many other luxury candles are designed to evoke times of the past, and a sense of nostalgia, here at DOSE, our candles are designed with a specific intent and purpose – to promote balance, to motivate, to calm (and even ignite passion) when needed.  Essentially, we want to give you your “your fix,” the moment you need it most.

Our logo, the DOSE pill with its brightly colored dots represents the “Dose” of self-care that you will get once the candle is lit.  Like your morning green tea, spin class, or your evening meditation before bed, your DOSE AM and PM candles will deliver what you need to jump start your morning or wind down your evenings.

jenise wilson