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DOSE candles bring fragrance and beauty to the everyday rituals of life. 

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DOSE is a NYC + London based home fragrance line. While many other luxury candle lines evoke the past, and provide a sense of nostalgia, the DOSE Candle line features bold, fashion-forward candles that focus on daily self-care, purpose and rituals. The DOSE initial collection include its flagship AM and PM lines, conceived for daily morning and evening care, targeting well being and motivation.

DOSE candles are scent-sourced by experts, DOSE’s very own founders. We’ve drawn on our travels across the globe to inspire carefully curated and purposeful scents. Manufactured in Europe, with the best possible ingredients, DOSE candles are hand-blended and hand-poured, using lead-free cotton wicks and a specialty blend of natural wax that burns evenly and steadily. Each candle is thoroughly tested for quality and packaged with personal care.




Before there was Shopify and smartphones, Lisa was working at Kate Spade, and moonlighting with her interior design clients. Jenise, a psychologist & corporate lawyer, was pulling all-nighters at a big firm, and in her free time traveling the world in search of food, culture and the perfect “feel good” fragrance. A friendship that started with a love for luxury and fashion foreshadowed their future as business partners two decades later.

DOSE was built on the mutual passion for “self-care,” believing in ritual, and the curative power of scent and beautiful things. Our colorful logo is a symbol of the carefully curated and poured scents that we’ve selected for your pleasure. Enjoy!


Lisa Merkatz

“The Eyes”

  • Lives in:  Upper West Side, NYC

  • Alma Mater: NYU, Parsons School of Design, Columbia University

  • Perfume: Bvlgari Green Tea

  • Flower: Peonies

  • What I’m wearing: Max Mara

  • What I’m drinking: Anything with caffeine

  • Vacay: Palmetto Bluff, SC, BHH Los Angeles

  • AM routine: Simultaneously light my DOSE AM Superpower and drink cup of coffee #1, prepare kids for send-off, walk the dog in Central Park, take a run, light my DOSE AM Tunnel Vision with cup of coffee #2 and begin working on DOSE Candles!


Jenise Wilson


  • Lives in:  Hell’s Kitchen, NYC

  • Alma Mater: NYU, Brooklyn Law

  • Perfume: Santal 33 or Frederic Malle Carnal Flowers

  • Flower: Black Baccara Roses

  • What I’m wearing: Jeans or leather, and Manolos

  • What I’m drinking: Champagne

  • Vacay: Rockhouse, Jamaica, Hotel Montelambert, Paris.  

  • PM routine: Bubble bath, DOSE PM Hedonism (The OVERDOSE on weekends), read, then IG in bed until I pass out.